Weekend with monuments of the Bochnia County

Weekend with monuments of the Bochnia County

On behalf of the Bochnia County Governor’s Office, we cordially invite you to the "Weekend with monuments of the Bochnia County", which will take place soon – on 7 and 8 September 2019!

On these days, every resident and tourist will have the opportunity to visit interesting and at the same time atmospheric places and monuments, perhaps still unknown. All of them are located in the Bochnia County. Some are inaccessible on a daily basis or their visiting requires an additional fee.

During the "Weekend with monuments of the Bochnia County" admission to the facilities and visiting them is free of charge. One small exception to this rule is the Bochnia Salt Mine, where a 50% discount has been set.

The Bochnia County is associated not only with the salt town and the oldest salt mine in Poland, but also with interesting objects each having a fascinating history.

The programme of the event also includes many unique attractions, such as cooking workshops, talks, interesting lectures, family workshops on regional and historical heritage of the Bochnia County, as well as a bicycle rally.

Below you will find a list of facilities and attractions that will be available during the "Weekend with monuments of the Bochnia County":

  1. Saint Nicholas Basilica in Bochnia
  2. Steam Engine Campi Shaft Bochnia Salt Mine
  3. Bochnia Salt Mine Tourist route with underground multimedia exhibition with a 50% discount
  4. Stanisław Fischer Museum in Bochnia
  5. Arthropoda Butterfly Museum in Bochnia – 10th anniversary of the Museum
  6. Bochnia people house
  7. Jewish Memory Route
  8. Jewish cemetery in Bochnia
  9. Thematic walk around Bochnia
  10. The NaCl route, or walk around Bochnia
  11. The past in the present – in the footsteps of famous people
  12. Visiting the route of King Casimir the Great in Bochnia
  13. In the footsteps of Talowski in Bochnia and more
  14. Apostle Simon and Jude the Apostle church in Pogwizdów
  15. Church of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher from the 17th century and Museum of the of Order of the Holy Sepulcher in Chełm
  16. Village Gallery in Chełm
  17. Workshops at the Regional Education Centre in Stary Wiśnicz
  18. The Kmita and Lubomirski family Castle in Wiśnicz
  19. Museum of the Wiśnicz Land
  20. Guided walk around Nowy Wiśnicz
  21. Jewish cemetery in Nowy Wiśnicz
  22. Monastery of the Discalced Carmelites located within the prison in Nowy Wiśnicz
  23. Museum of Jan Matejko Souvenirs "Koryznówka"
  24. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary church in Nowy Wiśnicz
  25. Vineyard in Chronów
  26. All Saints church in Sobolów
  27. Eco museum in Sobolów
  28. Saint Bartholomew church in Łapanów
  29. Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary church in Tarnawa
  30. Stanisław Czarniecki Museum of Cook and Culinary Book
  31. Saint Leonard church in Lipnica Murowana
  32. Regional Chamber in Lipnica Murowana
  33. Walk around Lipnica
  34. Walk to the Brodziński Stones
  35. John the Baptist church and Mount Saint John in Mikluszowice
  36. Blessed Virgin Mary church in Grobla
  37. Gen. Leopold Okulicki Memorial Chamber in Bratucice
  38. Marian Room at the Pilgrim's House at the of St. Mary church in Okulice
  39. Holy Trinity and Saint Leopold church in Rzezawa
  40. Vineyard on Dworski stream in Łazy
  41. Margaret Virgin and Martyr church in Trzciana
  42. Saint James church in Rozdziele
  43. Regional Chamber and Village Gallery in Żegocin
  44. Open day of the "Pasieka u Kiejdów" apiary and "Honeycomb" workshops
  45. Bocheński KRZYŻAK – first edition of the cross-country run
  46. Special concert by Piotr Lekki and Przyjaciele
  47. Musical ending of the Weekend with monuments

Detailed information on the facilities and the opening hours of individual monuments and attraction start times can be found on the website of the Bochnia County.




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