Winnica Chodorowa

Chodorowa Vineyard

Chodorowa Vineyard
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Chodorowa 60, 33-330 Chodorowa Tourist subregion: Beskidzki
A vineyard ran by two families.
The vineyard was established in the town of Chodorowa near Grybów in the Rożnow Foothills on the initiative of Zbigniew Krzyżak and Grażyna Dudek, who work together as partners. The plantation is located on a steep and sunny slope. Covering the area of 1.4 hectares are a total of 9 varieties, including white wine grapes: seyval blanc, hibernal, johanniter, jutrzenka, solaris, bianca and Muscat, as well as red wine grapes – rondo and regent. The area also features old orchards, which serve as the source of apples for making cider, as well as a large building, offering ample space for tastings with organised groups and a guest house. In 2013, wines from the Chodorowa Vineyard won awards at winemaking festivals, and since then they enjoyed great successes.

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