Tenczyński Park Krajobrazowy

Tenczyński Landscape Park

Tenczyński Landscape Park
ul. Vetulaniego 1A, Balin Tourist subregion: Oświęcimski
tel. +48 124152871
fax. +48 124157221
ul. Vetulaniego 1A, 31-277
Type of natural attractions: Landscape parks
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This park of great tourist interest protects the forested areas of the Tenczyński Ridge. The lie of the land has typical features of the Jurassic landscape, which involves rocky edges, karst valleys, gorges, gulches and tectonic faults. The areas of great natural interest include the nature reserves open to the public such as Zimny Dół (Cold Pit) and the Mnikowska Valley (see p. XXX), Skała Kmity (Kmita Rock) and Lipowiec. In the village of Babice you can also explore the ruins of a medieval castle. A further bonus is an interesting ethnographic museum of wooden architecture (Nadwiślański Etnographic Park in Wygiełzowo), located at the foot of the castle. The ruins of Tęczyn castle in Rudno, another famous fortress of the park, is currently awaiting refurbishing works. The north-west part of the park is overgrown by the panoramic Dulowska Forest, adding to its primeval appeal.
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