Sanktuarium św. Józefa Klasztor o.o. Karmelitów Bosych Wadowice

Wadowice - Sanctuary of St. Joseph - Monastery of the Discalced Carmelites

Wadowice - Sanctuary of St. Joseph - Monastery of the Discalced Carmelites
ul. Karmelicka 22, 34-100 Wadowice Tourist subregion: Wadowicki
Notes: Uwagi: Ważniejsze nabożeństwa:• 19 marca - odpust św. Józefa, 16 lipca, -odpust Matki Bożej Szkaplerznej, 20 listopada - uroczystość św. Rafała Kalinowskiego, świętowana w niedzielę poprzedzającą uroczystość Chrystusa Króla, od 15 grudnia - nowenna do Boskiego Dzieciątka Jezus (początek nowenny: 15 grudnia).
Facilities at cultural sites: Photographing allowed
Type of historical sites: Sanctuaries and cult destinations
There are beacons in this object
The Carmelites came to Wadowice in 1892. The present monastery “On the hill” was constructed in the years 1897- 1899 and includes the monastery complex with a pilgrims house and St Joseph Sanctuary.
The monastery was built by Saint Rafał Kalinowski who was the abbot of Wadowice congregation several times. St Joseph Church is a Neo-Roman building with three aisles. The main altar with St Joseph painting made in Tirol was places in a small presbytery. The cell of Saint Rafał is open to visitors and it contains his memorabilia. Some persons who were sanctified and who are candidates for saints are connected with the monastery: Saint Rafał Kalinowski, Blessed Alfons Maria Mazurek, Servant of God Kunegunda Siwiec, Servant of God Anzelm Gądek, Servant of God Rudolf Warzecha. After the First Holy Communion Karol Wojtyła received a scapular here and it returned to Wadowice Carmel in November 2005, following the wish of John Paul II. It is placed in a special reliquary near the altar with Blessed Alfons Mazurek relics. In 2004 Holy Father John Paul II gave his ring to St Joseph. This ring was fixed on the finger of St Joseph and can be seen in the painting of the main altar, at the same time, the church was upgraded to the status of the Sanctuary.
"Like in the years of my youth I make a spiritual journey to this place of particular veneration for Our Lady of the Scapular, which had such a great impact on the spiritual life of Wadowice Land. I received a lot of graces here, for which I am grateful to God. And I wear the scapular until today, as I received it from the Carmelites on the Hill, when I was a teenager" - John Paul II
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