Park Krajobrazowy Orlich Gniazd

Eagles’ Nests Landscape Park

Eagles’ Nests Landscape Park
Vetulaniego 1A, Kraków Region turystyczny: Jura Krakowsko- Częstochowska
Tourist subregion: Krakowski
tel. +48 124153833
fax. +48 124157221
Rodzaj atrakcji przyrodniczych: Parki Krajobrazowe
Stretching from Częstochowa to Olkusz, the park is located within the Małopolska and Silesian provinces. The Małopolska part includes such cities as Klucze, Olkusz, Trzyciąż and Wolbrom. The name of the park derives from the medieval fortified castles erected on the high inaccessible rocks that were supposed to secure the border and the important trade routes in King Casimir the Great’s time. Today the ruins of these fortresses, such as in Rabasztyn, comprise a unique feature of this area. A great natural curiosity of the Małopolska part of the park is the Błędowska Desert, the only such area in Poland. The Polish Sahara, as it is called, is gradually being encroached upon by plants, but large stretches of sand can be still seen from the Klucz side. Spectacular views of many limestone monadnocks are offered by the still little known but most charming Wodąca Valley (its name a derivative of water, though ironically without any). It can be reached on the Jaskiniowców (Cavemen) Trail, which also leads to the lofty Zegarowe (Clock) Rocks complex (an observation platform), which is another site to reach and see on the hike.
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