Musical ending of the "Weekend with the monuments of the Bochnia Poviat"

Musical ending of the "Weekend with the monuments of the Bochnia Poviat"

zdjęcie przedstawia kopalnię soli w bochni
On the second weekend of September the Bochnia Poviat Starost Office invites you to the "Weekend with the monuments of the Bochnia Poviat". (this year it falls on September 7th and 8th). This event has already assumed a cyclical character and its idea is to make the most interesting objects and places located in the Poviat available to the inhabitants and tourists. These are places that are unavailable on a daily basis, or places subject to entrance fees. Thanks to the courtesy of many people managing cultural institutions, we want to bring the beauty of the Bochnia Land closer to the visitors. Admission to museums and sightseeing is free of charge! The only exception is the Salt Mine in Bochnia, where a 50% discount for the trip underground has been set. It is a great opportunity to remind the residents and tourists that the Bochnia Poviat is not only a salt castle with the oldest salt mine, but also many other interesting places with fascinating history and wonderful monuments! There are numerous unique attractions waiting for tourists and residents. These include lectures, culinary workshops, as well as family workshops on the regional and historical heritage of the Bochnia region.

At the end of the tour of the charming corners of the Bochnia Poviat we invite you to the Family Park Uzbornia for the Musical end of the Weekend with the Monuments of the Bochnia Poviat, where plenty of attractions await you. Start at 3:00 p.m. You are kindly invited!

The Stage:
3.00 p.m. Active start with Barbell Club
4.00 p.m. Women with Passion from Bochnia Poviat
4.45 p.m. Dance group show of Dance & fitness house Bochnia
5.45 p.m. 20s, 30s performed by Teatr Artistokracki (Theatre)
6.45 p.m. Premiere of the video GENERATION
7.00 P.M. Orkiestra Baczków, Adam Krylik and special guest Kasia Moś
8.00 p.m. Quiz of knowledge about the Bochnia Poviat
8.30 p.m. Star of the night – Halinka Mlynkova

Workshops for adults and children:

  • The red coral trail - Małopolska Tourist Organisation
  • Let us invite animals to our gardens - making birdhouses and insect houses - Complex of Voivodeship Landscape Parks
  • In the the farmer's world  - workshops for adults and children. Contests on plants and animals with prizes, colouring books for the youngest, information point, dissemination and providing knowledge on the European Union programmes for rural areas - Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture in Bochnia
  • It is worth creating the future - we draw, paint, build family workshops with the RERUM Kinga Magdoń Artistic Studio
  • Let's make flowers - workshops of making African flowers with a crochet [conducted by] the Małopolanki Group [and] Women with Passion
  • Mobile meeting kitchen - culinary games with the "Frankówka Mała" Outdoor Educational Centre in Cichawka
    Visage workshop with Drogeria Kamelia
  • Get healthy - sports workshops, competitions, dietary and training advice from Barbell Club Bochnia
  • Enjoy a healthy life - consultations and diet catering with Fit Bite
  • Homeless for Adoption - action of adoption and collection of funds for the activities of the Association
  • Let's create our own Gazeta Krakowska newspaper - become the face of the journal
  • Climbing wall competition - 8 m high inflatable climbing wall
  • We help LILKA - Book and Game Fair from which the total income will be allocated for the treatment and rehabilitation of little Lilka Stanisz from Bochnia. Collection under the auspices of the Auxilium Foundation, whose protégé is Lilianka

The facilities and attractions are available on the following website:

plakat weekendu z zabytkami powiatu bocheńskiego

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