Aquatic Recreation

Aquatic Recreation

Kajaki na Jeziorze Czorsztyńskim
Gdzie w Małopolsce można wyjechać nad wodę? Oto kilka propozycji.







Water Parks





Opening hours and prices

Water Park


ul. Dobrego Pasterza 126, Kraków, +48 12 616 31 90, 616 31 91,


The number of the park’s attractions may make you dizzy. The water pipes and slides, each of varying difficulty, total a whopping 800m. For the youngest swashbucklers, there’s a large paddling pool complete with a pirates’ island and fountains. Those a little bit older can choose from four swimming lanes, Jacuzzi benches, reclining chairs, water hedgehogs and geysers… The park also houses the Aquatio restaurant and the Water Bar in the wet zone.

daily 8am–10pm; tickets: PLN 15–46. The water park is located outside the Kraków city centre. Transport via bus no. 128, 129, 132, 138, 139, 142, 152, 169, 188, 425.

Aqua Planet


ul. Kruczkowskiego 10a, Trzebinia, +48 32 618 06 24,


The Trzebinia aqua park consists of two pools: the sport and recreational pool. Those who love having fun will enjoy the water-spurting mushroom, the water cascade, as well as the 68-metre-long slide. The forgetful can rent swimming equipment: from flippers of all sizes, floats for learning to swim, water wings, lifebelts and balls. The café Aqua Sfera operates in the pool.

daily 6am–10pm; tickets: 70-minute ticket: PLN 7.50–13; monthly ticket: PLN 25–80 (the ticket credit can accommodate a few people at once); in summer additional passes and season tickets are available. The pool is located in the city centre, close to the Trzebina refinery.

Aqua Park 


ul. Jagiellońska 31, Zakopane,  +48 18 202 58 15, 200 11 22,


Situated on the slopes of Antałówka, the aqua park provides parents with relaxing time and splendid views (especially from the pool located on the viewing terrace) while allowing children to enjoy themselves. The children’s main attraction are the slides: two pipes of a total length of over 270 m and three typical gutters, which are much shorter. There is also a large paddling pool with a friendly dragon breathing water. Apart from a restaurant and café, the pool hall also includes a mini-bar.

daily 9am–10pm, open-air pool and water attractions 10am–8.50 pm; all-day ticket: PLN 40–60 (for more information visit the website). The pool is located near the train and bus station.

  Spa Swimming Pool in Muszyna  al. Zdrojowa
33-370 Muszyna
+48 18 471 40 09

To all those who are avid for taking a bath on hot summer days, we recommend the Spa Swimming Pool. It is an open-air complex where whole families may relax. In the area of the complex, there is a swimming pool with separate tracks, paddling pool located near the beach, family waterslide and numerous fountains. Also the jacuzzi enjoys great popularity. The swimming pools in Muszyna are an excellent idea for active recreation and a wonderful opportunity to take water and sun baths.

  Swimming Pool in Andrychów al. Wietrznego 6
34-120 Andrychów
+48 33 875 21 53

Swimming Pool in Andrychów. In the total area of 11,370 m2, there is a large modern complex consisting of: 50 metre swimming pool, recreational pool with attractions (neck massage, wall massage, chair massage, geysers, water mushroom, water cannon, rapid river), paddling pool with a children’s playground and a slide. The facility has a “beach” in the form of a hardened yard around the pool and a beach ball playground. The refreshment, catering and hotel building allows to enjoy a wide range of services.

  Water Park in Tarnów Józefa Piłsudskiego 30, 33-100 Tarnów
14 621 43 92


Water Park in Tarnów. The facility has an indoor recreational swimming pool along with attractive additional equipment: geysers, artificial river, bubble bay, massages and water slides. The Park has a paddling pool for children, along with a small waterslide and two water massage bathtubs. In the immediate vicinity of the new swimming pool, there is a SPA complex which accommodates the following saunas: Finnish, steam and aromatic and, as auxiliary rooms a hall has been built here, with a cooling pool and cooling showers as well as a room with beds to take a rest after treatments.




Thermal Pools 





Opening hours and prices


ul. Sportowa 22, 
Bukowina Tatrzańska, 
+48 18 2020070,

Terma Bukowina is a large entertainment centre. In a panoramic area of 4 hectares, surrounded by beautiful views of the mountains, you can swim in the outdoor and indoor pools, where the water is heated to 28–36°C. In the centre you can find a designated area for children and adolescents, containing such attractions as three slides totalling over 100m in length. A number of outdoor pools, decorated and enhanced with mushrooms spurting water and underwater geysers, are also inviting. Those who are hungry can visit two restaurants and a summer outdoor bar.

daily 8am–10pm, high season day ticket (Jul–Aug, Jan–Mar, including each Sat and Sun as well as the long weekends): PLN 53–85 (for more information visit the website). The direction is indicated by signs

Szymoszkowa Bathing Resort 

Polana Szymoszkowa 2, 
Zakopane, +48 18 2017230,

A recreational facility under an open sky; geothermal water (30°C) has healthful properties and includes calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium; a large swimming pool with a separate part for children; attractions: beach volleyball court, views of the Tatras, water slides, water massage mushroom.

open only in the summer (end of June – beginning of September) daily 9.00 am until dusk; tickets: 13–22 PLN 

  Thermal Swimming Pools in Białka   ul. Środkowa 181,
34-405 Białka Tatrzańska,
+48 18 261 25 40
Thermal Swimming Pools in Białka is a wonderful attraction open all year round. Recreation and recuperation are guaranteed by the recreational swimming pools with the hydromassage system, surrounded by soothing greenery. For those who are in need of relax, the Thermal Pools in Białka have the zone of saunas. Lovers of active recreation are recommended to make use of four swimming pools with waterslides. The swimming pools are divided into two zones: quiet and loud – so that everyone may find something for themselves. All around the complex, there are drink bars and restaurants.
  Thermal Swimming Pools in Szaflary  os. Nowe 20,
34-424 Szaflary
+ 48 721 100 800
Thermal Swimming Pools in Szaflary are one of the most popular attractions in our country. They are located near Zakopane. The swimming pools are supplied with geothermal water from an underground borehole which is 3,400 m deep into the ground. The entire complex is composed of both the indoor and outdoor swimming pools. We recommend a trip to Szaflary to all lovers of water follies and also to anyone who wants to relax, as we may find there the swimming pools with the hydromassage systems and numerous recreational swimming pools.


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