Inwałd Fortress

Inwałd Fortress

Warownia w Inwałdzie - Park rozrywki
Wszyscy, którzy chcieliby choć na chwilę przenieść się w czasy średniowiecza, na pewno chętnie odwiedzą Warownię w Inwałdzie. Tu zobaczą, jak wyglądało codzienne życie w średniowiecznej osadzie i na zamku. Będą mieć okazję, by poznać pracę powroźnika i samodzielnie spróbować swoich sił w tym rzemiośle, odwiedzić szewca, tkacza, kowala i garncarza, w którego również na chwilę sami się zamienią.

All those who would like to time-travel – even for a while - to mediaeval times, should be eager to visit the Fortress in Inwałd. They will see for themselves what the daily life was like in a mediaeval village and castle. They will have the opportunity to get to know the work of a rope maker and try their hand at this craft, visit a shoemaker, weaver, blacksmith and potter, and play those roles themselves. As befitting the Mediaeval Era, the Fortress also has its dragons. They can be found in the Animated Dragon Park. Visitors will also find a torture room and an armoury with a multimedia presentation. All the buildings and attractions can be viewed from above - from the surrounding terraces and towers of the Fortress. A laser game in the basement of the Fortress will provide entertainment for the whole family (an additional fee applies). Children as young as 7 can participate in the game. If you get hungry, you can go to an inn in the castle courtyard to have a meal to the sound of mediaeval music. To further understand the mediaeval times, visitors can consider taking classes designed especially for schools and kindergartens. Participants learn what life was like and get to know the art of building a castle, become familiar with the customs of knights and take part in a knights’ tournament.

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