Feel invited to the VeloMałopolska routes!

Feel invited to the VeloMałopolska routes!

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The spring is finally here, which encourages us to make use of the bicycle. The weather is getting better every day, which means that even the less avid cyclists open the cycling season!

One-wheeler is chosen by a constantly growing group of people not only from the city but also from rural areas. Places to leave the bike, trails, resting places, information boards, bike rentals, and even emerging clubs of bicycle lovers, as well as bicycle associations – all this makes this form of activity becoming more and more popular!

Małopolska, thanks to its exceptionally favourable conditions for the development of recreational tourism, is an ideal place for those who opt for active leisure. It is here, that the integrated network of bicycle routes of the Małopolska Voivodship – known as VeloMałopolska – is created to significantly increase the tourist offer of the Małopolska region. VeloMałopolska consists of almost a thousand kilometres of bicycle paths, which are to be completed by 2020!

The project includes eight routes:

    Vistula Bicycle Route – VBR


    VeloMetropolis (the Małopolska section of the EuroVelo 4 route)

    VeloNatura (the Małopolska section of the EuroVelo 11 route)





The current status of their implementation and a map of the routes can be found on the website

We look forward to seeing you!


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