Kitesurfing is a new, dynamically developing water sport discipline using a board and a kite which, suspended at a height of 20 meters, is the driving force of the entire fun. A large dose of adrenaline accompanying this spectacular sport makes the number of its enthusiasts grow year by year. If you want to try your hand at the board, you do not need to be limited to the coastal shores. Kitesurfing may be practised on lakes as well. Good wind conditions to practise this sport may be found on picturesquely situated Lake Klimkówka. Although kitesurfing is quite easy and safe, it is not a sport for self-taught persons. All those who want to get to know the ropes of kitesurfing should make use of the knowledge and experience of a professional instructor. Training courses on kitesurfing on Lake Klimkówka are conducted by the Sportsoul school whose offer includes individual training courses at each level of advancement. The school provides care on the part of experienced staff of instructors, modern and safe equipment matched with the wind conditions and abilities of trainees. Learning kitesurfing is a guarantee of many incredible emotions and a great adventure, which may turn into a passion for life. 

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