Bagry - a watersports base in the centre of Cracow.

Bagry - a watersports base in the centre of Cracow.

Bagry is an artificial lake, located in the Podgórze district, close to the centre of Cracow, approximately 7 km from the Old Town. It provides recreation to Cracow residents and tourists. The lake is accessible by car (via Kozia and Bagrowa streets) and by bus and tram. The lake includes is a free bathing area with a sandy beach and a well-developed playground for children. A recreational path follows the shoreline, where interesting natural flora and fauna spots are marked.

 For water sports enthusiasts, there are water equipment rentals: kayaks, water bikes, sailing boats and windsurf boards. The centre offers sailing courses, motorboat courses, windsurfing, and diving schools. The western part has a wake-up lift with equipment rental.

The Horn Canoe Club in Cracow offers accommodation with a sailors’ tavern, a gym and sauna and training rooms.  The Club also has a boat marina. Club athletes win awards and trophies in major sailing international championships.
The name “Bagry” originates from “bagrować” (deepening, the riverbed by dredging its bottom). The reservoir was created as a result of collecting gravel for the construction of the Cracow-Płaszów railway station, in the 1940s of the 20th Century.

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